IoT pilot with Phasefour?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is in it's early stage of development, in the perspective of the technology and the business cases involved. Starting small with a pilot can be a good start to explore the benefits IoT can offer.

If you consider an IoT pilot, then many difficult choices are to be made. The various parts of an IoT solution have to be treated as a whole. The hardware, off the shelve or developed specificaly for you case, are closely tight to chosen connectivity, and should connect with the specific IoT platforms or with dedicated services of cloud providers like Amazon, Google or Microsoft.

A vendor of sensors will have a suitable solution from his perspective, like a Telco does, and the platform vendors do too. Phasefour will take care the project has no lack on the essential IoT vison and knowledge, together with you and the various needed vendors.

Phasefour stands for an holistic vendor neutral approach of your IoT business case. Expertise will be provided by you, various vendors and Phasefour. We have cross industry experience in concept development and realisation of IoT solutions.

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