Do you think mobile apps can contribute to success of Internet of Things? IoT solutions based on an app save on hardware costs and offer some very interesting additional opportunities that a solution without smartphone user interaction cannot match.

Telecom providers and IoT sensor vendors promote the "traditional" idea of wireless sensors directly connected to the Telecom network. The extra (5G) plans and special LoRA or NB-IoT sensors are their bread and butter.

Phasefour develops apps, or IoT apps, that do their work in the background using the rich set of sensors on board of the smertphone, eventually connecting, via Bluetooth, with sensors in the neighborhoud, and send the data using the data connection of the smartphone itself.

The role of the smartphone user can be passive, - the user might not notice anything specific - , or active, - in certain situations the user might enter some additional data , or act based on backend intelligence. Too much possible scenarios to describe in short and possibly interesting for many new business opportinities including ways to reduce operating costs.

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